JustLikeDrew Popcorn Sampler


Includes each of the following flavors: Limited Edition Drewly Delicious, Bourbon Chocolate, Yellow Cheddar Corn, Charmer Corn, Birthday Cake and Mayan Cocoa Sea Salt. Each pack is approximately two cups.

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Flavor Descriptions

Drewly Delicious Ranch Seasoned Double Yellow and White Cheddar Popcorn Mix
Birthday Cake Ambrosia Pearl White Chocolate, Cake Confection
Bourbon Chocolate  Bourbon Flavored Caramel with Ambrosia Sweet Dark Chocolate Drizzle
Charmer Corn Caramel glazed yellow cheddar cheese corn
Mayan Cocoa Sea Salt  Mayan Cocoa, Cinnamon and Sea Salt Seasoned Caramel Corn
Yellow Cheddar Corn  Double-Yellow Cheddar Cheese Popcorn